Is Donald Trump more Mexican than American? Shocking DNA results brings President Donald Trump’s American ancestry into question!

It was reported in the December 2016 issue of the renowned scientific journal “Genomics Research USA Today” (Genomicsrus Today) that President Donald J Trump shares over 1/3rd of his DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) with the Mexican race (34.5%) and only 13.2% with the American race.

Is Donald J. Trump American enough to be the President of the United States of America?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Spokesperson for Genomicsrus Today Professor Tess T.I. Cleatus said

“After reading Mr Trumps repeated attacks on Mexican immigrants on Twitter it was a surprising result to discover President Trump shares over one third of his DNA with Mexican ancestry.

Considering President Trump’s complexion we expected significant genetic convergence with Pongo Pygmaeus (39.1% genetic convergence), but the 34.5% Mexican DNA genetic similarities were totally unexpected. Most Americans share some Mexican DNA, if you love spicy Mexican food you probably have at least 4.5% Mexican DNA.

President Trump’s DNA results were so surprising we retested the DNA source (Papilla Epidermis Cells: collected using the Fine Tooth Rattail Comb DNA Collection Technique – Revlon three times with the same shocking results.”

DNA Structure

DNA Structure

The detailed scientific paper titled “When is an American President NOT an American President : DNA Science Doesn’t Lie” lists Donald Trump’s DNA results as follows:

Pongo Pygmaeus : 39.1%
Mexican DNA : 34.5%
Homo Naledi : 22.2%
American : 13.2%
Other : 1%

Donald J. Trump opponents are calling for the 45th President to publish his birth certificate and complete family tree.

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