What’s not to love about penguins and it would seem the department store John Lewis agrees

This years John Lewis Christmas advertisement is to feature Monty the penguin.

The TV ads from the famous department store are becoming a traditional part of the Christmas celebration here in the UK. It’s as ceremonious with Christmas as watching a Doctor Who Christmas special and pulling a Christmas cracker after dinner.

Once you see the John Lewes Advert on TV you know Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to plan your magical Christmas.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 – #MontyThePenguin

John Lewis Not Like The Rest At Christmas

John Lewis Christmas ads are a bit unusual in that they don’t advertise any of their products and there are no overt references to John Lewis at all during the performance.

For me this is what I love about them. It’s nice to know that there is one company out there that understands that Christmas isn’t about just making a profit – even though I’m sure they do – John Lewis grasped Christmas by Rudolf antlers and focuses their Christmas advertisements on love and sentimentality.


Tear Jerking Adverts – John Lewis Does it The Best

The Christmas ad this year is set to be another good watch and a tear jerker yet again as it pulls at the heart strings. The ad is getting rave reviews on Twitter.

I have to admit I had tears in my eye just reading the adverts story line. I think I’m going to be a blubbering mess when I watch it and I’m sure my husband ‘yet again’ will be looking at me like I’ve lost my marbles crying at an advert.

Monty the Penguin Story

A young boy is with his best friend – a real-life penguin. they share special moments together that only true friends can understand, engaging in fun activities that best friends do best together – playing football, sharing some fish fingers, jumping and laughing on a trampoline, But soon the boy notices that Monty the penguin is lonely and is longing for a female friend. So – *SPOILER ALERT* – he buys him one called Mabel for Christmas. At the ads climax, the twist to the tale is that all along the boys best friend was a plush penguin toy that the boy loves dearly.

Successful Christmas Advertising Campaign

John Lewis have certainly won the nations heart with it’s Christmas advertisements in the past 8 years and has proved to be a very successful advertising campaign. Who can forget the John Lewes 2012 ad of a snowman who travels hundreds of miles on a love quest to brings back a scarf, hat and gloves for his snow-woman because she’s cold.

The ads have got into the psyche of the nation, everyone has a favourite, even those of us that don’t careless about the ads have to admit ‘there alright’.

John Lewis Christmas Ads Have a Seductive Formula

The John Lewis Christmas advertisements are beautifully shot, with a heart warming storyline and an emotional sound track that pulls you into the wordless story. It’s a seductive formula – all that love and gooey stuff oozing out of the TV screen ready to embrace you into a world of fantasy. There’s nothing better way to start your idyllic Christmas season.

As the world becomes more cynical and commercial, John Lewis has succeeds in bringing the Christmas spirit into our homes where many businesses fail at this time of year – through indirect marketing. I salute the genius behind this approach and hope it continues for many more Christmases to come.

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