With just 6 short months before the 2015 UK general election, Labour backbenchers are disquiet over Ed Miliband’s poor political performance resulting in the Chair of the parliamentary Labour party passing on backbencher complaints! Could this scupper Labour’s chances of a general election majority in 2015?

The Labour leader Ed Miliband should be a shoe in for the next UK Prime Minister in May 2015 with a Labour majority for many reasons, below are a few of the reasons.

Why Ed Miliband SHOULD be Prime Minister

  • The Conservative party under David Cameron couldn’t manage a majority in 2010 and historically those in power loose seats at general elections.
  • The economic crisis which lead to the recession has been met with austerity measures by the UK coalition government.
  • The cost of living has increased with food and fuel prices rising significantly.
  • The rise of UKIP many political analysts would anticipate a larger hit to the Tory vote relative to the Labour vote.
  • The Lib Dems breaking their student fees promise is expected to cost the Liberal Democrats seats and many political analysts would expect Lib Dem voters to switch to Labour.

To some degree this has been indicated by polls looking at who the UK electorate are likely to vote for in May 2015 with most polls showing Labour in the lead, BUT barely in the lead. At this point in the political cycle Labour should be way ahead of the Conservatives, not just ahead.

Ed Miliband Low Personal Ratings

Ed Miliband

What appears to be dragging Labour’s poll lead down is their uncharismatic leader. Poll after poll indicates Ed Miliband’s personal rating significantly below both Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg: the Labour leader has a personal poll rating of -34 in a recent IpsoMORI poll of leaders, compared to -17 for David Cameron.

IF the UK electorate vote Labour into power in May 2015, it will be DESPITE Ed Miliband, not because of their leader.

Should Ed Miliband Resign for the Sake of the Party?

If Ed stays the course and doesn’t resign it’s going to make for a very interesting run up to May 2015.

I could imagine a reinvigorated Labour party with a new leader, but who would take up the challenge (Alan Johnson?) and is there still time?

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