UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP

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UKIP Manifesto Gerard Batten Introduction

Under my leadership I want UKIP to be a ‘populist party‘ in the real sense of the word โ€“ a party whose policies are popular with the voters. In recent times the word populist has been turned into a derogatory term. This is because the political and media establishments across the western world stand for and promote so much that is deeply unpopular with their own peoples. These unpopular policies include: government from Brussels by the EU, open-border uncontrolled immigration, and imposing an alien politically correct cultural agenda on their peoples.

This Interim Manifesto cannot possibly include every policy area or every detail, it represents a summary of where UKIP is now. It is a dynamic document, and policies will be developed further in the future.

UKIP is always at its best when it’s at its most radical. It is strongest when it is bold and leading the political agenda. We have done this on numerous occasions in the past. UKIP set the agenda on leaving the European Union, on introducing a limited and controlled immigration system, and opposing Islamic literalist and fundamentalist extremism. UKIP will set the agenda on going forward into a post-Brexit world. UKIP remains the only party willing to discuss the issues of real importance to most people. UKIP is the only real opposition.

UKIP will promote and defend our national and individual freedoms. We stand for freedom from the European Union and the right to live once again under our own traditional freedoms and liberties, together with the right once again to be proud of our great country. We are determined to protect our freedom of speech and the right to speak our minds without fear of the politically correct thought-police knocking on our doors.

UKIP has stuck to its principles year in, year out, in the sure knowledge that the solutions we offer are sound. We believe in Britain and we make no apologies to anyone for doing so. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We ask you to support and join UKIP and to vote for us in local or Parliamentary elections whenever you have the chance. We need your support, and our country needs UKIP.

Gerard Batten MEP
UKIP Leader.

Photo Source: Derek Bennett (CC BY 2.0)

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