UKIP Manifesto Children and Families

UKIP Manifesto Children and Families

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Stable, active and intact two-parent families are the bedrock of a robust society, whereas broken families are much more likely to be dependent on the state, have poorer physical and mental health and contribute less to wider society.

• Family breakdowns may occur for a variety of reasons, but whatever the reasons the cost to the taxpayer of family breakdown is estimated to cost some £50 billion a year. UKIP policy is to use the taxation and benefits system to help families without disadvantaging others.

• UKIP opposes the disempowerment of parents by the state, whereby its institutions are increasingly dictating the norms and values children learn and supplanting the role of parents. For example, the education system is being used more as a means of indoctrination than education.

• We will introduce further safeguards into the operation of the Family Courts to ensure that injustices are not perpetrated on parents.

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