UKIP Manifesto Defence and Security

UKIP Manifesto Defence and Security

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UKIP believes that we should not get involved in international conflicts unless it can be clearly shown to be in the national interest.

• UKIP is committed to NATO for our collective defence. UKIP expects all NATO members to honour their commitment to contribute a minimum of 2% GDP.

• UKIP will withdraw the UK from the EU’s attempts to create its own armed forces, e.g. through PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation), already committed to by the Conservative Government prior to Brexit, and from Mrs May’s proposed new EU Security Treaty.

• Britain’s Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force have been so reduced in size that they struggle to meet their commitments. UKIP is committed to adequately funding Britain’s armed forces.

• UKIP will initiate a defence review to consider our future defence requirements and the size and shape of our armed forces. UK manufacturers should get first call on providing our armed forces equipment.

• UKIP is committed to maintaining the Trident nuclear deterrent.

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