UKIP Manifesto Energy

UKIP Manifesto Energy

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The UK needs a mix of energy sources comprising nuclear, conventional and renewable. Brexit will allow the UK to set its own future energy policy, with lower prices and more secure supplies.

• Outside the European Union UKIP will remove the 5% VAT levy on domestic fuel.

• UKIP will scrap the Climate Change Act (2008), which requires the UK to achieve annual decarbonisation rates of more than 5% – a figure no other country in the world has ever, or is ever likely, to attain. The total cost of this wildly unrealistic legislation has been calculated at an eyewatering £720 billion, over a period of 40 years.

• UKIP will end subsidies for wind turbines and solar voltaic arrays. We will support renewable energy where it can deliver electricity at competitive prices.

• UKIP would seek to rejuvenate the UK’s coal industry, wherever that is possible.

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