UKIP Manifesto Environment

UKIP Manifesto Environment

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We should separate the dogma of anthropogenic (man-made) climate change from environmentalism – care for and protection of the environment.

• Post Brexit, UKIP would re-establish the successful local drainage supervisory boards run by those most affected by flooding. Farmers and riparian(8) landowners must be allowed to undertake the necessary work on their land to prevent flooding without penalties.

• The Green Belt must be protected in order to preserve our quality of life. The most significant threat to the Green Belt, and the UK environment in general, especially in England, is unsustainable population growth, which is predominantly fuelled by mass uncontrolled immigration.

• UKIP seeks to develop policies that address excessive packaging and the use of plastics where they are detrimental to the environment. For example, the 5p cost of plastic bags is just another money-making racket. UKIP would legislate to bring about the use of biodegradable carrier bags and packaging.

8 Land next to riverbanks.

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