UKIP Manifesto Fisheries

UKIP Manifesto Fisheries

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UKIP wants total withdrawal from the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy without the need for a transition period when we leave the EU.

• Post Brexit UKIP will take control of the UK’s full 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), as is our entitlement under international law; allowing us to rebuild our fishing industry, its ancillary industries, and our coastal towns.

• UKIP wants a complete overhaul of our fisheries systems for a fairer allocation of post-Brexit fishing opportunities, with priority given to the low-impact, small-scale fishers.

• UKIP will end the discard system, with no fish going to waste.

• UKIP wants investment in British ports and fishing infrastructure, and to amend the Maritime Shipping Act with a view to limiting the exploitation of UK fishing waters by foreign vessels. These changes will provide opportunities for British business and career opportunities for British citizens.

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