UKIP Manifesto Immigration

UKIP Manifesto Immigration

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Mass uncontrolled immigration has been extremely damaging to Britain. We have imported cheap labour by the million. This not only exploits migrants but depresses the wages and living standards of those at the bottom end of the economic scale, and drives up property prices and rental costs. In 1997 the official British population figure was 58 million people. The figure in 2017 was 66 million. A recent report showed that the 6.6 million population growth between 2000-2016 was 80% due to migrants and births to migrants (2).

Such a rate of increase is simply unsustainable in one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

• UKIP believes that the age of uncontrolled mass-immigration must come to an end. We have open borders with the EU but successive British governments have also failed to control immigration from outside of the EU. UKIP will introduce a selective and limited Australian style points-based immigration system. Immigration for permanent settlement must be strictly limited.

• Temporary immigration for workers on work permits and students will be both strictly controlled and time-limited.

• UKIP will develop the UK Border Force into a Migration Control Department directly responsible to a Minister. This department will oversee the immigration system and border control.

• Migrants will not be able to claim public housing or benefits until they have been a tax paying resident in UK for a continuous five years.

• Workers on permits and students will be expected to possess private health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK (unless covered by a reciprocal medical treatment agreement).

• UKIP will rescind the UK’s assent to the Barcelona Declaration (1995) and the Marrakesh Declaration (2018). Both of these documents pave the way for yet more uncontrolled and unlimited immigration from Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

2 Migration Watch UK. Impact of Migration on UK Population Growth. MW 452. August 2018.

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