UKIP Manifesto Islamic Extremism

UKIP Manifesto Islamic Extremism

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The worst excesses of a literalist interpretation of Islamic doctrine has seen unprecedented acts of terrorism in Britain and across the world. This can only be countered with practical measures.

• UKIP will legislate to ban the overseas funding of mosques and imams. A large proportion of UK mosques are funded from countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, who export their extremist ideology to the UK.

• UKIP will end mass uncontrolled immigration, and under a security-based screening policy we restrict any limited migration from Islamic countries to those people we can be sure, as far as possible, do not follow a literalist and extremist interpretation of Islam.

• Islamic extremism is actively fostered in HM Prisons at state expense. Islamic gangs hold sway in some prisons and non-Islamic prisoners are converting for their own protection. UKIP would introduce the separation of prisoners or prisons exclusively for Islamic prisoners who promote extremism or try to convert non-Islamic prisoners.

• UKIP would repeal the legislation that gives legal recognition for Sharia law courts.

• Islamic extremism is an on-going problem that will take generations to resolve, and effective policy ideas will have to be developed whoever is in power.

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