UKIP Manifesto Police and Criminal Justice

UKIP Manifesto Police and Criminal Justice

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The last Royal Commission into policing took place in 1962. Now is the time to conduct a root and branch review of policing, with a Royal Commission, which will establish what is required to ensure that the police deliver a service to the public that is fit for purpose, both now and in the future.

• The police should be adequately funded and paid. The entire police budget for 2018/19 at £7.3bn is half the Overseas Aid budget. The first priority of HM Government should be the protection of its own citizens.

• In 2013, David Cameron’s Coalition Government introduced direct entry to the senior ranks of policing, thus ending 180 years of tradition which holds that all recruits to the police start their careers as constables. UKIP will reverse this decision.

• The Crown Prosecution Service has consistently shown itself to be unfit for purpose. UKIP will abolish the CPS and return prosecutorial powers to police forces and their own prosecution lawyers.

• UKIP will scrap the Crown Prosecution Service’s guidelines on ‘hate crime’, which are purely subjective. Victims of crime should all be treated equally, irrespective of the motives of the criminal.

• UKIP will repeal all of the EU-inspired legislation that binds us to EU legal institutions and EU legal instruments, e.g. the European Arrest Warrant, and replace them with the pre-existing agreements on mutual co-operation, or new treaties that protect the fundamental rights of UK citizens under our laws. Likewise, UKIP would repeal the USA Extradition Treaty and negotiate a new treaty that protects the rights of our citizens under our laws.

• Police forces must be required to investigate real crimes against the person and property as a priority and not social media ‘hate speech’ accusations. London’s Metropolitan Police reportedly has 900 plus officers dedicated to investigating ‘hate-crime’ while the city endures a stabbing and acid attack epidemic.

• We will ensure that the police and relevant bodies take a zero-tolerance approach to unacceptable ‘cultural’ practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM).

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