UKIP Manifesto Veterans Issues

UKIP Manifesto Veterans Issues

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Whenever HM Government calls on our brave armed forces to go into action on our behalf they never let us down. UKIP will not let them down, we will honour the military covenant.

• UKIP will establish a Veterans’ Administration Department, headed by a government minister, organisationally independent and financially separate from the Ministry of Defence. This Ministry will promote and protect the interests of veterans in a variety of fields: for example, housing, health care, education and training.

• We will bring forward legislation to prevent veterans from being pursued by police and prosecutors many years after the event, for actions they undertook in good faith whilst they were in the service of the Crown.

• We would seek to guarantee a job offer with the police, prison service or the UK Border Force, or emergency services, for anyone who has successfully served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of twelve years. Veterans would be prime candidates for jobs in the new Migration Control Department designed to control immigration (see section 5).

• Skills gained in the Armed Forces can be useful when running a small business. We will create a ‘Boots to Business’ scheme to channel loans, grants and access to free professional advice and mentors, to veterans who wish to set up and run their own businesses after leaving the forces.

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