Labour Manifesto: Delivering Rights and Protections at Work

Labour Manifesto: Delivering Rights and Protections at Work

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Labour led the drive to bring rights and protections at work into law across the EU, delivering many of the protections we still value to this day. EU laws underpin our rights to paid holidays, maternity and paternity leave, and on limiting working time.

Labour will continue to lead efforts for a new comprehensive plan to deliver rights and protections that meet the needs of the 21st century workplace.

For too long unscrupulous employers have exploited migrant workers and undercut local wages. At UK level, Labour would strengthen trade union rights, increase the minimum wage to a real living wage, fund proper enforcement, and give trade unions access to workplaces. We will ban the overseas-only advertising of jobs in the UK, and ensure every worker has the same basic rights from day one in the job.

In Europe, we have backed the reform of the Posted Workers’ Directive that guarantees the principle of equal pay for equal work in the same place, and ensures that UK workers are treated no less favourably than workers in Europe.

Labour will also lead the fight to end precarious zero hours contracts – so that every worker gets a guaranteed number of hours work each week.

We will continue to campaign at domestic and European level to strengthen health & safety laws, and assist those who have suffered as a result of injuries and illness due to work. We will lead efforts to strengthen current EU rules on building regulation and fire safety, with the aim of delivering a robust and comprehensive European fire safety strategy fit for the 21st century.

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