DIT UK Trade in Numbers February 2019

DIT UK Trade in Numbers February 2019

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With the renewed focus on trade that our department brings and the interest in UK trade data this brings, I am delighted to present this pocketbook of UK trade and investment statistics. Trade statistics are a fascinating aspect of economic statistics and are a substantial source of information to help inform how we meet the challenges of trade policy and promotion in the UK.

Trade statistics are derived from a number of sources and can be presented in different ways. The UK’s trade statistics are primarily provided by Office for National Statistics (ONS) releases including the ONS UK monthly trade, UK Balance of Payments as well as the ‘Pink Book’.

These releases, alongside the newly available ONS Quarterly Trade in Services by Partner Country release, set out the UK’s economic relationship with other countries on an internationally comparable basis.

But beneath the surface is a wealth of data for us to understand and exploit for developing trade and investment policy. This pocketbook brings together and summarises this wealth of trade statistics produced by ONS, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Department for International Trade (DIT), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and others into a single visual product.

I hope it proves to be a handy reference whether you use trade statistics on a daily basis or are travelling abroad and want to show the UK trade position to colleagues.

Tom Knight
Chief Statistician
Department for International Trade

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