Comment on The Brexit Party is Making History and Changing Politics For Good by Liz Jordan.

The Brexit Party Starts Political Earthquake Thank you all for all you are doing to make us confident in, and proud of, our Political system once again. I joined the Brexit Party as soon as Mr. Farage announced it was open for business. As we are where we are and Boris Johnson is the current Prime Minister and says he’s going to get us out of the EU, I am supporting him to do so, but no mistake, when it comes to a General Election, it’s the Brexit Party for me.

Thank you Mr. Farage for all you have done for 25 YEARS in the EU parliament speaking up for the United Kingdom, and so eloquently too. You make us proud. The Brexit Party have wonderful, smart, clever, accomplished candidates we can connect with and that’s what we need. I’ve watched every rally on YouTube and swell with pride. I rest in the absolute trust that if Boris doesn’t #GetBrexitDone then the Brexit Party will most assuredly give us the #CleanBreakBrexit we fervently desire. God bless you all and keep up the excellent work and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there.